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Arne Peder Blix

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1. Let’s Meet Arne

Arne Peder is a seasoned executive with a background in both the military and tech industries. He currently holds several key positions, including CEO of SEAL Invest, board member at Soft Lead, and co-founder of Up Stock. With over 20 years of experience as a CEO, he has a wealth of expertise in the tech sector.

In the podcast, Arne discusses some of the lessons he has learned when dealing with high-stress situations in high-stakes environments, such as leading a submarine crew during his time with the Royal Norwegian Navy and leading climate conservation projects.

2. The Early Days

Arne spoke about his path to entrepreneurship and that it was a combination of opportunity, seeking adventure, and a mix of skills and luck. Arne transitioned from a naval officer to the shipping industry in Norway and eventually sought more fulfillment and challenge by starting his own business.

Arne has had a diverse career, including working as a lobbyist, and trader. After the IT bubble burst and the 9/11 tragedy, he moved back to Norway and started a fintech company focused on equity-based incentives, accounting valuation, and disclosure.

“Starting a business takes longer and is more challenging than expected, time, cost, and obstacles are often underestimated, leading to a longer and more turbulent journey than anticipated”. -Arne

Despite challenges and personal hardships such as his son getting sick, the company was able to scale and attract clients, including public companies and Deutsche Bank. By 2009, the company had 80% of the listed companies in Norway as clients and was expanding into the Nordic countries with 9 employees.

Arne and his team faced challenges in building trust with the banks due to their small size and risk concerns. Arne worked hard and built relationships at the Deutsche Bank, which resulted in a breakthrough in the business and growth. Despite several opportunities to sell the business or take investments, they chose to remain bootstrapped.

After ten years as CEO, the speaker stepped down and eventually sold the business to a private equity firm in 2015, which was later sold to Computershare in 2018. Arne is now involved in starting their own investment company and has invested in multiple companies as a co-founder. Arne says his biggest achievement to date is building and selling the software business.

3. New Purpose

After exiting a successful business Arne found that he experienced post-exit anxiety as he searched for a new purpose and meaning in his life.

“I love meeting passionate people with good ideas and plans” -Arne

Arne found a new passion in both business and life and that is being social and connecting with people is fr him crucial. He has been involved in various ventures, including equity-based incentives, data privacy, and most recently, as the CEO of a venture capital firm that invests in climate action projects aimed at reducing emissions.

He chose this job because it is challenging and meaningful, and it also has to be profitable to motivate organizations to adopt more environmentally friendly practices. The focus is on reducing emissions, particularly methane, to ensure a sustainable future for future generations. Climate change is a real and pressing issue that requires immediate action and we can help mitigate the impacts of climate change and ensure a better future for all.

In Conclusion

Arne’s story is about passion and perseverance. Arne believes that mental health and the ability to balance work and personal life will be increasingly important in the future. As well as having the ability to connect with other people at a deep level through communication and genuine interaction will be key in all areas of business and life. Arne’s story is about genuine passion and perseverance.

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