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Terry Earthwind Nichols

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1. Let’s Meet Terry Earthwind

H.E. Amb. Terry Earthwind Nichols is a Chika Mauga Cherokee, an indigenous man to North America, and a UN Peace Ambassador at Large. Terry is also a global ambassador for the United Refugee Green Council and is passionate about climate and world peace. He became aware of his indigenous heritage at the age of 46 and has since become an elder in his tribe. He is also a proud fourth-generation Irish-American and has written several books and is a 2021 and 2022 nominee for Thinkers.50 Top Thinkers Distinction.

2. Experience Moulds A Person

Experience shapes and moulds a person's character, beliefs, and habits. Life experiences, both positive and negative, can impact an individual in profound ways, leaving lasting impressions that shape who they are and how they perceive the world. Terry Earthwind’s life experiences made him the savvy business person, peace ambassador, and writer he is today.

Terry Earthwind was in the US Navy for 20 years and served in recruiting on multiple tours. He stressed the importance of analyzing numbers, knowing what works and what doesn't work in recruiting, and being smart about placement. This skillset and placement strategy was used in his marketing efforts. In fact, Terry Earthwind’s marketing teams won 7 national championships in 5 different districts and gained a reputation for success, with other districts reaching out to him for advice.

Terry Earthwind emphasized the importance of being a team player. In the late 90s, he had a diverse background which was considered a risk for many corporate leaders. However, he had a keen eye for fashion and design and started working at a men's store where he learned about made-to-measure clothing. His success in custom clothing sales led him to a night manager position at a private country club.

This experience led him to join an international club corporation, where he developed a love for city club management and golf. After several years, he left the club business and started several ventures, one of which he sold to employees.

Terry Earthwind runs a successful consulting business in the health and wellness industry with his partner and wife. With international clientele this health and wellness venture has trained practitioners located on six continents and 17 countries, conducting business in six languages.

He believes in not limiting yourself and teaching others to do the same. He shares these experiences and new business models as a speaker for both national and international audiences.

“I mentor people, providing guidance based on my knowledge and experience, but leaving the decision-making to them” -Terry Earthwind

3. Success Is All About People & Building Connections

Terry Earthwind is a successful author and Profiling for Profit is a book he wrote based on his observations of people. He has always been fascinated by people-watching and has noticed certain traits in how people stand and move when they're happy, excited, or angry. Terry Earthwind started experimenting with reading these movements and incorporating his general understanding of human nature into his sales approach.

He gave a great example, he says, when someone leans towards the left, they are being genuine and focused on the person they're talking to. In contrast, the right side of the body is often used for deflection.

Through his experience, he learned that crossed arms don't always indicate a lack of interest, as it may just be a learned response. The book focuses on reading these subconscious movements of muscles to help understand a person's state of mind.

A role that he holds in his heart is ambassador, through his experience in the Navy, he honed his interpersonal skills and took care of people in a protocol role. His involvement with the non-profit organization called WALMI, which supports the United Nations peace missions, led him to take their training and certification program. Terry Earthwind received his certification as a UN peace ambassador at large during the covid pandemic.

“My goal is to contribute to world peace by first promoting inner peace, which starts with oneself and is spread through the actions of others. Mistakes are a part of the journey, but it's important to learn from them” -Terry Earthwind

In Conclusion

Terry Earthwind Nichols is an ambassador who promotes the idea of "family" and represents the idea that everything is connected and we are all related. Terry Earthwind is an ambassador of this concept. To learn more about him and his work, one can search "Terry Earthwind Nichols" on search engines like Google or Bing. He has a link tree site that includes all of his social media accounts, author pages, and websites.

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