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1. Let’s Meet Brian

Brian Fried is a multi-talented individual who has made a name for himself in the world of inventing. With 15 patents to his name, he is a licensed agent, author, TV and radio host, and keynote speaker for innovation.

As a child, Brian had a natural curiosity about how things worked and he constantly sought to understand the underlying mechanisms behind them. This led him to take things apart and experiment with new ways to invent them.

2. Innovation & Determination

Brian's first successful invention was the Balloon Band, a nylon wristband with a metal D ring that solves the problem of balloons flying away in large arenas. It allowed kids to have fun with their balloons and parents were happy that the balloons didn't fly away.

He then invented Pull Ties, a product that makes sealing plastic bags easy. This product was successful and is available in supermarkets, drug stores, and retail chains.

Brian has a unique approach to inventing. He identifies problems that need to be solved and creates products that can make people's lives easier. He also looks for products that have a large enough market and a good window of opportunity for people to use them.

With his background in people-watching and observing the world around him, he can come up with inventions that are not only innovative but also useful.

“The ultimate goal is to put in effort and resources and see a greater return in the end” -Brian

As an inventor, he has several patented products under his belt. My most popular products are my collapsible egg trays, pull ties, and as mentioned the balloon bands. Brian said that he was lucky enough to get my big break at a trade show where I met a QVC buyer.

After showcasing his products to the QVC buyer, she gave me the opportunity to be on the air and sell his products. Over the years, he has also helped other inventors bring their ideas to life by assessing their products from a marketing perspective and guiding them through the production process.

Brian has been doing this for the past 18 years and understands the different financial obligations that inventors face. His goal is to help them find a way to bring their product to market, whether it's through licensing or manufacturing, and ensure they get a return on their investment.

3. Turning Ideas into Money Markers

Brian has been successfully turning ideas into profitable products for 18 years now. Brian says he assesses the potential of a product from a marketing perspective and decides whether to license it or manufacture it. He also helps other inventors with their ideas by guiding them through turning their ideas into profitable products.

He takes into account the individual's financial situation, resources, and goals, and helps them navigate the process. Whether it's through licensing or manufacturing, the goal is to see a return on investment. The key is to evaluate a product or idea from start to finish to determine its cost, margin, and potential return.

If you have an idea for an invention, the first step is to make a phone call and reach out to someone who can help you navigate the process. However, before jumping into the process, it's important to understand who you are talking to and what their background and expertise are.

“If you have an idea in your head, it's crucial to take the time to search for similar concepts online to make sure your idea is unique” -Brian

When searching online, Brain says to make sure to use descriptive terms and search on different engines, including Google Patents and the USPTO website. While conducting a patent search can be intimidating, it's important to get a good understanding of what's already out there.

He said if you're unsure about your findings, consider getting help from a patent attorney or agent to do a deeper dive and provide a patentability opinion. Keep in mind that the process of inventing and patenting can be a long one, so take it step-by-step.

Brian has a passion for improving things, whether it's a product or a business process. He often comes up with ideas for new products and I either manufacture them myself or license them for royalties. Brian has had great success selling his products in major retail stores and has been recognized as a top 2022 product by an influencer.

“I love to work with people from all walks of life and help them bring their ideas to life” -Brian

His connection with Shark Tank is that he has helped many people with their applications and has met many interesting people through my work, including Lori Greiner from Shark Tank and Nicole Richie. Brian considers himself good at seeing an idea through from conception to the retail shelf and ensuring that people are using the product for its intended purpose. This is what drives him to continue creating and improving things.

In Conclusion

Brian’s infectious personality and passion help him to connect his ideas to a community he built for innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs, and startups called National Inventor Club, which provides resources for inventors. In addition, he has a platform called Got Invention Show where he showcases and promotes the journey of inventors, whether they are still working on their ideas or have already commercialized them with great success. You can learn more about Brian at and he is very active on LinkedIn.

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