VezaTalks 009: Jack Hopkins


VezaTalks 009: Jack Hopkins


Jack Hopkins

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1. Let’s Meet Jack

Jack Hopkins is the Chief Executive Officer of Testosterone, a company that focuses on promoting and enhancing masculinity. One of his successful ventures in this space is his YouTube channel, the "CEO of Testosterone".

Jack began his YouTube journey approximately a year ago and has been making impressive strides in building his channel ever since. From humble beginnings of only having a few hundred subscribers, he has grown his channel to a sizable 77,000 subscribers, gaining significant traction and popularity.

With a focus on masculinity, Jack's content caters to a wide audience of men who are looking for advice, guidance, and support in navigating their daily lives. His content includes informative videos on topics such as fitness, personal development, and relationships.

2. The Starting Point

After pursuing an acting career in England Jack faced a lot of rejection and struggled to make progress in his chosen field. Eventually, he realized that he needed a change in his life and decided to move to Thailand to start his own business.

To achieve this Jack stopped drinking for six months and used his newfound free time to think about what he wanted out of life. Inspired by the movie "The Beach" and his interest in Muay Thai drew him to Thailand.

“I saved up money, got a course on personal branding, and began online fitness coaching. Eventually, I made the move to Thailand and my life changed for the better” -Jack

Jack’s journey began on Instagram, consistently posting daily stories and videos. He was able to identify his niche and determine what type of content resonated with his audience. Creating content focused on credit score tips he switched his focus to fitness-related content before finally transitioning to topics on relationships and masculinity.

After one of his YouTube videos gained a lot of attention, Jack saw an opportunity to monetize his content. Having experience coaching fitness online, he knew how to turn this newfound traffic into a business. 

Initially planning to create a high-priced product focused on testosterone boosting, but adapted his approach to creating an info-based course that could appeal to a wider audience. 

As someone who grew up during a time when social media didn't dominate daily life, he recognizes the potential dangers of becoming too absorbed in it. Jack's message is an important one: social media can be a valuable tool, but it should never take over our lives.

3. The Meaning Behind The Message

Men should be able to lead their families without facing resistance, and they should be free to pursue their passions without feeling ashamed for being "alpha" or "masculine."

“For me, masculinity is all about freedom - the freedom to pursue a fulfilling life, to be strong and independent, and to take care of one's family” -Jack

Jack says men and women are different and thinks it's a beautiful thing. While he supports women having the freedom to be powerful and independent, He doesn't think that masculinity should be pushed aside in the process.

When both men and women embrace their unique qualities, everyone can experience greater happiness and fulfillment. Jack believes people should not be afraid to hold their own opinions, as the diversity of thought is what makes life interesting. Staying true to oneself is Jack at the core.

In Conclusion

Jack left us off with this final thought. Finding oneself can be a difficult process, but it is crucial for authenticity. Once an individual knows who they are and what they believe in, it is important to stay true to themselves and not let others sway them off course.

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