VezaTalks 011: Dylan Madden


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Dylan Madden

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1. Let's Meet Dylan

Dylan Madden also known as a "Professor of Freelancing" has a highly successful Youtube channel and an online course focused on helping people to learn how to become successful freelancers and make a living through online work. 

His approach is centered around helping people develop skills in email marketing, social media marketing, and more, which can be used to attract clients and generate income. Dylan offers valuable insights and advice for people looking to build their freelancing careers and lives.

2. A Passion For People

Dylan is someone who successfully transitioned into freelancing, he is passionate about sharing his experience and knowledge with others who are looking to do the same. 

When he started, he was eager to make money online and have the freedom to travel. However, he didn't know where to start nor how to approach the situation before finding his niche.

Dylan runs a business helping others with email marketing, copywriting, and social media marketing. He also assists people in the real world to enter the freelancing space and offer their services to clients. 

This includes helping them identify their skills and using social media as a tool, rather than being overwhelmed by it.

Dylan’s journey has taught him that it's important to identify your core skill and then find the right application for it. Trying different things and discovering what you're good at, but ultimately, you need to focus on one direction to succeed.

Dylan also explained that one critical trait that successful individuals possess is the ability to try out multiple things and identify their unique skill set. 

Dylan says that It's important to strike a balance between confidence and humility and to constantly evaluate and adjust our perceptions of ourselves and our abilities. We should aim to cultivate a strong sense of self-worth and belief in our potential, while also acknowledging our limitations and areas for improvement.

He also believes that it's not just about achieving success, but also about enjoying the journey and the process of building, creating, and evolving. It's what makes life truly meaningful and fulfilling.

By taking your goals seriously and applying yourself for just 12 months, Dylan believes you can achieve financial stability and the freedom to pursue your passions. It all starts with following simple steps, like offering value through DMs, building testimonials, and reaching out to potential clients every day.

3. Grounded 

Dylan opened up about his spiritual journey. He came to an issue not with Christianity itself, but with how the church in the West was evolving. He observed that many churches were becoming more accepting of certain worldly values that he didn't agree with and faith to him is at his core.

“I have always maintained my faith in God and belief in the Bible and Jesus Christ. This unwavering faith has helped him navigate through difficult times and stand firm amidst the noise of the world.” -Dylan

Dylan explained that after careful consideration and reflection, he began exploring other branches of Christianity, and after some research and discussion, he came to the conclusion that Orthodox Christianity is perhaps the only remaining bastion of true Christianity in the world today. 

Throughout his life, Dylan’s motivation has stemmed from building a relationship with God and striving to be a good moral person.

In Conclusion

Dylan left us off with his final thoughts, his dream is to impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Dylan wants to inspire them to live their best lives, earn as much money as they desire, and create a custom-made reality for themselves and their families. 

Dylan believes that faith, hard work, and a positive mindset can help anyone achieve their goals and live a fulfilling life.

VezaTalks aims to offer valuable insights and inspiration to help you navigate both the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship. Watch the Podcast now!

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