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Mario P. Fields

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1. Let's Meet Mario

Mario P Fields has had a distinguished career serving his country as a United States Marine for 26 years. After his time in the military, he transitioned into the civic sector and has since worked at the executive level, developing startup companies in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. He has also been involved in coaching digital content creators and helping transitioning service members.

Throughout his career, Mario has demonstrated his exceptional leadership skills, managing and leading diverse teams in a wide range of locations including the United States, Persian Gulf, Mediterranean Sea, Israel, UAE, Africa, Australia, Cambodia, Philippines, South Korea, Mainland Japan, Okinawa, Thailand, Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Mario is also a talented podcast host. He is the driving force behind Unarmed Talk, a platform where he engages in insightful discussions about a wide range of topics. Furthermore, he is the founder and president of the nonprofit corporation Still Serving Incorporated, which is dedicated to providing support to veterans and their families.

2. University of Leadership

Mario has had an incredible journey of growth and development over the years. As a young man, he was athletic and focused and had wonderful parents who provided him with a solid foundation. Mario decided to join the Marines for discipline, and his initial plan of serving for four years turned into a 26-year career.

One of the things Mario values most about his time in the military is the soft skills he developed, which he calls the "University of Leadership." These skills have proven to be invaluable in his post-military career, and he is passionate about helping others learn them as well.

During his time as a Sergeant Major, Mario faced many challenges, but two stand out as the most difficult. The first was learning how to take care of himself so that he could be an effective leader. 

The second was balancing his military career with his family responsibilities. Despite these challenges, Mario found his military career to be incredibly rewarding, particularly in terms of the relationships he built along the way.

Mario has turned his attention to his brand, which is focused on creating positive content that helps people. He shares his message on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook and is committed to making a positive impact on the world. 

Whether he is sharing tips for maintaining a healthy marriage or simply putting a smile on someone's face, Mario is dedicated to helping people develop the skills they need to succeed in life.

3. The Power Behind Caring 

VezaTalks Host Mario Milanovic asked Mario about the important skills and qualities needed for success in both the military and business. Mario emphasized the importance of soft skills, such as active listening, self-reflection, adaptability, and crisis management. 

He also highlighted the significance of scaling a business and ensuring that company values align with the values of its employees.

Mario further elaborated on the skill of being comfortable in crisis and the difference between reacting and responding. He emphasized the need to be aware of one's emotions and think critically before responding to a crisis.

As a business owner, Mario believes that one of the best ways to show employees that you care is by giving them your time. He emphasized the significance of creating an organizational culture that values people, listens to them, and promotes collaboration.

Overall, Mario stressed that these skills and qualities are relevant not only in the military and business but also in any industry or even in one's personal life. 

By focusing on developing these skills and creating a culture of caring and collaboration, individuals can increase their chances of success in any endeavor.

Final Thoughts

What drives Mario's passion for creating businesses and organizations goes beyond the immediate impact. He believes that our ability to communicate across generations is what separates us from other living beings. 

He sees it as our duty to create content that can live for generations and benefit the next generation of human beings. 

Mario believes that working towards this goal, not just for ourselves but for posterity, is essential for the next generation's experience in the world as they become the next wave of professionals. 

If you're looking to connect with Mario, you can easily find him at 

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