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Sam Lepak

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1. Let's Meet Sam

Sam Lepak is currently the Head of Growth at Matter and an expert in growth and digital marketing. 

Sam is passionate about leveraging her skills and knowledge to drive success and help businesses achieve their goals. 

In addition to her work at Matter, Sam is also a digital nomad, which means he has the freedom to work remotely from anywhere in the world. 

Sam is an active member of the LinkedIn community and regularly participates in #FeedbackFriday, a weekly event where members offer constructive feedback to help each other improve their professional profiles.

2. Digital Nomad 

Sam believes that travel is one of the best ways to accelerate the process of self-discovery. While many people see travel as an opportunity to learn about other cultures, Sam believes that it helps you learn more about yourself.

“Sam's ability to challenge societal norms and take risks has allowed him to learn more about himself than most people do in a lifetime”- Stefan

Sam has gained valuable insights into what makes him happy and fulfilled. From experimenting with different meditation apps to testing out different workout routines, Sam has tried it all. He knows what works for him and what doesn't, and he's constantly evolving and refining his approach to life.

For Sam, the key to success is simplifying things and building good habits. Whether it's going to the gym or meditating, Sam believes that the key to success is to show up consistently and build momentum over time. 

While he admits that he's failed and made mistakes along the way, Sam knows that every setback is an opportunity to learn and grow. And with his insatiable curiosity and passion for adventure, Sam's journey will surely be exciting.

3. Life, Business & Balance

Sam talked about his previous job at an agency, he was working long hours, sometimes up to 12 or 14 hours a day. It was a burnout culture, and he found himself struggling to keep up with the demands of his job. 

However, he soon realized that if he prioritized his personal life and kept it organized, it would help him be more focused and efficient at work. This concept took Sam a while to understand, but he now sees the benefits of having a balanced life.

One of the ways he struggled with balancing work and personal life was not taking vacations. Sam hadn't taken a vacation in four years of entering the workforce until his CEO had to lock him out of Slack and force him to take a break.

Sam also realized the importance of taking time to think about his work. He explained he often gets caught up in day-to-day tasks and forgets to step back and think about the bigger picture. That's why he blocks off Friday mornings for two hours just to think. Sam thinks it's important to work on the business, not just in the business.

Final Thoughts

Sam emphasizes that if one is not having fun, one should make a change. To think about work and fun in life one must drop their ego and truly live life in a meaningful way and both can be combined in balance to live the life one truly wants to live. 

This approach helps him make progress in his work-life balance. Sam is excited about what the future holds at his current company Matter and thinks 2023 will be his most exciting year yet!

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