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Daniel Lagnaux

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1. Let's Meet Daniel

Daniel Lagnaux's journey as an entrepreneur was not an easy one. After co-founding his startup KORK, he fell victim to unscrupulous developers and lost all of his savings. 

To make ends meet, he even had to take up a night job delivering pizzas. Despite these setbacks, Daniel remained committed to his vision and continued to work towards building his business. 

Undeterred, Daniel and his team persevered and eventually built one of the largest service marketplaces in Switzerland. 

Their hard work paid off, and they were even recognized in Forbes' prestigious 30 under 30 list. 

Daniel is now the Co-founder of a No-Code Development Agency Rocket Launch and his story is a testament to the resilience and determination required to succeed as an entrepreneur. 

It serves as an inspiration to others who may face similar challenges on their path to success.

2. Early Ambitions 

Daniel and his co-founders were passionate about propagating the idea of veganism, and they decided to start a vegan delivery service when they were just 14 years old. 

It wasn't a big success, but it gave them some valuable learnings and kickstarted their interest in entrepreneurship.

“As an entrepreneur, I've experienced a wild ride that has taught me a lot about what not to do”- Daniel

Their next venture was Kork, a service marketplace that initially catered to students offering personal skills like fitness or gardening in the neighborhood for extra pocket money. 

Daniel and his co-founders started searching for developers to build an app but unfortunately were robbed by the first one that they found and hired, leaving them devastated and penniless. 

Their search for a new developer-led them to travel the world, from Switzerland to Ukraine, but none of them was a good fit. 

Finally, they found a group of developers in Pakistan, but again, they were robbed. Though they finally got the app, it was far from the quality they wanted.

Through all these ups and downs, Daniel and his co-founders never thought of themselves as entrepreneurs, but rather as people with great ideas and a goal.

3. Lessons Learned in Life & Business

One of the lessons that Daniel and his Co-Founders learned is that obstacles can actually become the way forward, which is a concept derived from stoicism.

That was precisely how they launched their second company, a no-code development agency, RocketLaunch. 

Initially, the biggest challenge was developing a good product, but they found a solution in no-code development that turned out to be their superpower. 

RocketLaunch builds software and apps for other companies and founders at 10 times faster and cheaper than traditional development companies.

Although it was an achievement that gave them some validation, he found that it did not serve the company's needs in the long run. He explained that his company, lacking a degree, faced criticism for being too young and inexperienced. 

They decided to apply to the startup list as a way to prove themselves to others. With the help of a person who had previously been on the list, they were able to successfully apply and get featured.

However, Daniel found that being on the list did not solve his company's bigger issues. 

As an entrepreneur, he acknowledged the unproductive urge to prove himself and his company's worth. He realized that instead of fighting criticism and seeking validation, it was more important to focus on solving the company's problems.

While being featured on a startup list may give some short-term validation, it should not be the sole focus of a company. Daniel explained that the true measure of success lies in the company's ability to address and solve real problems in the market.

Final Thoughts

Daniel left us off with some final words of wisdom. Daniel believes entrepreneurship is often glamorized as being about big visions, instant success, and growth hacking. 

But he believes the truth is that sustainable business requires a rational, long-term approach. Small, data-driven improvements were more effective in solving real problems and generating revenue. 

Right now Daniel is focused on building long-term value, rather than chasing short-term success because real success comes from a practical and sustainable mindset.

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