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1. Let's Meet Ashutosh

Ashutosh Garg, a dynamic force in the world of business and media. With his highly successful video and podcast series, "The Brand Called You". 

Ashutosh has carved a niche for himself as a captivating host and storyteller, sharing the inspiring journeys of accomplished entrepreneurs, professionals, and senior corporate leaders with thousands of eager listeners.

But Ashutosh's accomplishments don't end there. He is also an accomplished author, having penned eight bestselling books that have garnered acclaim from readers and critics alike. 

His insightful contributions to the renowned Times of India further solidify his position as a prominent figure in the world of business and media.

Beyond his creative pursuits, Ashutosh serves as a mentor to some of India's most successful CEOs, offering his expertise in strategic planning, succession planning, personal branding, and addressing people and culture issues. 

His invaluable guidance has shaped the trajectories of numerous business leaders, propelling them toward unparalleled success.

Ashutosh's multifaceted career is a testament to his deep understanding of the intricacies of personal branding, strategic planning, and fostering a thriving corporate culture. 

His ability to connect with individuals and inspire them to reach new heights is unmatched.

2. Your Environment Makes You

Ashutosh's childhood revolved around the army environment, as his father, a decorated Brigadier General, imparted invaluable lessons of education and values. 

Despite limited financial means, his father's unwavering commitment to providing exceptional education fueled Ashutosh's ambition to carve his path to success.

As a student, Ashutosh excelled academically and went on to join one of India's top business schools. 

Afterward, he embarked on a 17-year journey with British American Tobacco, where he honed his skills and made significant contributions. 

However, it was the momentous decision to become an entrepreneur at the age of 46 that would redefine his life.

Starting with a single pharmacy, Ashutosh ventured into the fragmented pharmacy business in India, defying conventional norms. 

With determination and an unwavering commitment to reliability, he built his chain from the ground up, expanding it to over 250 company-owned stores. 

The key differentiators were ensuring all prescribed medicines were available and delivered within 30 minutes or free—a testament to his customer-centric approach.

While Ashutosh's entrepreneurial journey captured attention, his accomplishments span beyond the pharmacy industry. 

In a departure from his previous ventures, he ventured into the US aerospace industry, driven by the excitement of exploring new horizons.

3. Multifaceted Evolution

In the world of conversations, Ashutosh decided to embark on a journey of starting meaningful discussions. 

This endeavor has resonated well with the younger generation, resulting in daily views and listens ranging from 125,000 to 150,000 across various platforms. 

To further engage with the youth, he began experimenting with short one-minute videos, similar to those popular on TikTok. 

Ashutosh explained that the response has been overwhelming, with over 2 million daily visitors and a staggering 314 million views on this single platform alone.

Expanding the reach of these conversations, he has invited five other hosts to join the platform. 

Among them are three hosts from North America, one from the Netherlands, and another from South India's vibrant city, Bangalore. 

As a result, this platform has evolved into one of the largest hubs for leadership lessons, featuring conversations with senior leaders from various domains, including politics and corporations.

Lately, Ashutosh has been engaging with individuals from the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia and the UAE. 

He explained that these regions have a close working relationship with India, and he believes it's more about complementarity than competition. 

The UAE, for instance, possesses a robust economy and has been a significant market for Indian businesses. 

While his personal experiences are limited to Saudi Arabia, he has close friends there who have witnessed the influx of Indian professionals and the substantial investments pouring in. 

Saudi Arabia alone is expected to invest upwards of $100 billion in India, while the UAE's investments could exceed a billion dollars. 

These collaborations emphasize the importance of the Indian market, given its massive population of 1.4 billion people, including a substantial middle-class segment of over 500 to 600 million. 

Both the UAE and Saudi Arabia have exceptional infrastructure but recognize the vast opportunities that lie within India's market. 

Thus, there is a mutual symbiosis rather than direct competition.

Ashutosh explained in-depth that India, the fifth-largest economy currently, is poised to become the third-largest economy within the next few years. 

As India continues to grow, it attracts the attention of businesses worldwide. 

Entrepreneurs and technology companies from all corners of the globe are establishing their presence in India. 

The country boasts a large pool of talented individuals in the technology sector, ensuring a ready market for digital goods and services.

Final Thoughts

Ashutosh left us off with some final thoughts saying that drawing from his personal experiences and insights, he would like to share a few nuggets of wisdom. 

As one matures and reflects on their journey, the perspective often shifts towards a more spiritual realm. 

At 66 years old, Ashutosh has come to realize that accumulating wealth beyond a certain point holds diminishing returns. 

It becomes crucial to shift our focus from starting numerous endeavors to completing the ones we have undertaken. 

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