VezaTalks 026: Stefan Katanic and Luka Djolic


Stefan Katanic


Luka Djolic

25:00 Min
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Let’s Meet Stefan & Luka

Stefan Katanic, an entrepreneur, marketing expert, and CEO of Veza Digital shares his invaluable journey in the marketing industry. 

Stefan has had the privilege of learning from some of the brightest minds in digital marketing and entrepreneurship, ultimately becoming an expert in his own right. 

Luka Djolic, Veza’s dynamic Growth Marketing Manager, will take you through his innovative and data-driven strategies. 

With a profound understanding of customer behavior, Luka plays a pivotal role in shaping our customer acquisition, activation, retention, and upsell strategies. 

You will get a look into the powerful fusion of analytics and creativity as Luka guides us through his process of driving accelerated growth and optimizing the product funnel.

Stefan and Luka generously share their wealth of knowledge, providing valuable insights that will inspire aspiring entrepreneurs, current business owners, and company managers alike.

A Look Back

Let's start at the beginning. 

Around five years ago, Luka had his startup focused on agriculture. 

Luka quickly realized that marketing played a crucial role in the success of any venture. 

Luka says regardless of how innovative or valuable a product or service is, effective marketing determines its reach and impact. 

Luka started working with various startups, and he quickly realized that specialization was key. 

Luka chose to dive deep into Facebook ads, making it his primary focus. 

Luka conducted extensive research to find the best solutions when challenges arose and this path enabled him to master Facebook ads and leverage them to achieve remarkable outcomes.

Advertising & Beyond

Luka vividly remembered when he started working at Veza Digital and how it was a time of new beginnings for him. 

Luka quickly realized that it's not just about the number of years you spend somewhere, but rather the experiences and challenges you face along the way.

Stefan thinks that Luka has a secret sauce that lies in advertising. He believes that Luka has a profound understanding of the intricacies involved, from the back of your hands to the front. 

Luka spoke about how he still remembers the early days when he was working with small budgets, analyzing every dollar spent, and constantly checking for any changes or issues. 

It felt like being at a casino, handling tokens, only on a larger scale. 

But over time, Luka learned to adapt and normalize the process. 

What was once daunting now feels natural because it's about generating revenue and helping businesses thrive. 

Luka doesn’t dwell on large numbers; instead, he focuses on the outcome—the positive impact on our clients. 

Just recently, a friend of Lua’s was sweating over a significant sum of money, while he casually clicked a button to charge $8,000 without batting an eye. 

Luka explains that it's all about realizing that those numbers are just representations of the value we create.

“What matters most is the energy and momentum you feel as you propel a brand forward on an upward spiral” -Stefan

Stefan recalled when Luka started as an Advertising Specialist, he primarily focused on managing paid media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. 

Now as they sat together both looked back on their growth and how it has moulded their careers. 

Luka has evolved into a growth partner, providing strategy, support, and leadership to your clients. You also collaborate with our advertising team to deliver tangible results.

The Power of Effective Communication in the Marketing Sphere

Luka and Stefan highlighted the significance of communication in their work as marketing professionals. 

Luka emphasized the importance of understanding and adapting to different cultures.

He expressed how crucial it is to support one another across different cultures and learn how to behave appropriately in various situations. 

He shared an example of his conversations with Jamal a Veza Growth Partner, a partner from a different cultural background, and how their mutual support helped them navigate their differences.

Luka says that communication is the key to marketing and that it constitutes more than 50% of their work.

Stefan referred to a recent Twitter thread he created about communication. 

He stressed the importance of the need to know and understand the people they communicate with, tailoring their approach based on cultural nuances. 

Luka acknowledged the growing role of AI,  like ChatGPT, in assisting marketers. 

However, he pointed out that many people struggle with utilizing AI effectively due to their inability to ask the right questions and articulate their needs verbally. 

Luka believes in the value of human communication and understanding clients on a deeper level, as it allows for better alignment and ultimately more powerful results.

Stefan acknowledged his journey of improving communication skills and becoming more patient. 

He mentioned a mentor's advice on the importance of listening to others and being conscious of one's actions and words. 

Both agreed that the future of work would involve AI complementing human intellect. 

Stefan predicted that intellectual jobs would emerge, where individuals would provide AI with prompts to deliver accurate and relevant information for decision-making. 

Luka believes that AI algorithms, such as those used in Facebook and Google ads, require a human touch to optimize their performance and achieve exceptional results.

Final Thoughts

Luka and Stefan both recognize the need to understand cultural differences, adapt communication styles, and listen actively. To continuously learn and grow one must adapt to the ever-changing digital marketing sphere.

VezaTalks aims to offer valuable insights and inspiration to help you navigate both the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship. Watch the Podcast now!

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