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Stan Stojanovic

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Let’s Meet Stefan & Stan

Stefan Katanic, an industry leader and visionary, brings his wealth of knowledge as the CEO of Veza Digital. 

Recognized for his exceptional leadership and prowess in digital marketing, Stefan has led Veza Digital to remarkable growth and acclaim.

Stan Stojanovic is a seasoned professional in business development. 

With a focus on overall company growth and revenue increase, Stan excels in establishing partnerships with like-minded companies. 

As the Head of Business Development at Veza, he has developed effective strategies for outbound lead generation, streamlined sales processes, and optimized business operations. 

Stefan and Stan delve into building business success in the digital age. Together, they discuss the significance of personalized outreach, relationship building, and the art of uncovering prospects' challenges and objectives. 

And, how to optimize inbound leads, standardize pricing and packaging, and effectively manage the sales process for premium clients.

The Present & Future

On the daily Stefan and Stan connect to discuss various tools, strategies, and tactics.  

More importantly, they shared their insights of where they aim to go in the next 12 months.

Stan spoke about the growth they have achieved, particularly in the last 12 months, which has been astounding.

Stefan agreed, explaining that each passing month brings new opportunities and complexities into play. We continue to grow, evolve, and face new challenges.

Currently, their focus is on expanding the team and developing a top-notch onboarding process to support new members effectively. 

This will enable them to scale our operations further. 

Stefan believes it's their standardization that truly sets them apart. 

When they find something that works well, they make it a standard practice, and naturally, they also encounter failures along the way, but they learn from them.

Stefan explained that by trying multiple approaches, they refine their methods, and those few that succeed propel them forward. 

Stan excels at standardizing processes and driving the business development organization. 

It's a crucial responsibility.

Stan is process-driven, but also values improvisation and thinking outside the box. 

When he stumbles upon an effective result born out of improvisation, he documents the process, seeks advice, and enhances it further.

Stan reflected on the exciting feeling of being responsible for a team of three newly hired Sales Development Representatives (SDRs). 

Having been fortunate to work with experienced professionals throughout his career, he has gained valuable insights into effective team management. 

Stan believes in providing his team with the freedom and autonomy to excel in their work, rather than micromanaging them. 

He understands the importance of offering support, feedback, and coaching while fostering an environment of independence.

Visionary Leadership

As Stan manages his team, his main challenge lies in striking a balance between granting autonomy and maintaining accountability. 

He expresses confidence in their ability to achieve the set quotas and numbers, considering the quality they possess. 

Stan explained the need to provide ample support and take responsibility if a team member is not performing, before addressing the issue together. 

He believes in fostering a culture of accountability rather than delegating tasks without assuming any responsibility.

Stefan shared his vision for the sales organization at Veza, where each division operates autonomously as part of a larger collective community. 

He recalled the negative experience of being micromanaged in previous roles, vowing to create an environment that prioritizes results over constant oversight. While acknowledging the presence of pressure. 

Stefan believes in empowering individuals to contribute to the team's success within their respective lanes.

Innovation and Strategy

The conversation then turns to the importance of automation and AI in sales processes. 

Stan expresses his enthusiasm for simplifying and automating time-consuming tasks, ensuring transparency without losing the human touch. 

He highlights the significance of building relationships, understanding customers' problems, and offering suitable solutions. 

While CRM updates are often dreaded by SDRs, Stan recognizes the value of visibility and seeks to automate such administrative tasks.

Stan shared his approach where he begins by analyzing the three best clients of a startup or company, delving deep into details such as their funding history, sales team growth, organizational size, and the problems they solve for customers. 

Stan also considers personas and personal affinities, examining communication styles and social media profiles. 

This comprehensive analysis forms the foundation for determining whether outbound or inbound strategies would be more beneficial for the company.

Stan and Stefan spoke about building an effective sales funnel, the right tools can make all the difference. 

In their quest for finding the best options, they’ve tested numerous tools from A to Z. 

From Apollo and Ample Markets to Lamb List and Drey for LinkedIn automation, they have explored a wide range of solutions.

Choosing the right tools can be a challenging task. With so many options available, it can be difficult to assess their true value until you try them. 

However, based on their experience, there are a few top picks that stand out.

One of their favorite tools is Apollo. It has gained popularity among the sales team. 

Apollo offers a reliable database of contact information and a range of features through its extension, which can be used on LinkedIn and company websites. 

With Apollo, you can gain insights into companies, including estimated revenues and funding status. 

It's a cost-effective tool that provides excellent value for the investment.

Another tool that we highly recommend is Lamb List. We've found it to be a powerful platform for personalizing outreach at scale. The tool's impressive features and functionalities allow you to engage with prospects in a personalized way, making your outreach more relevant and effective.

They recommend that if you're just starting and working with a limited budget, Apollo would be an ideal choice. 

It offers a great balance of affordability and value. 

Additionally, integrating Lamb List into your strategy can further enhance your outreach efforts, especially on platforms like LinkedIn, where building your brand and engaging with decision-makers is crucial.

Stan explained that building a successful sales funnel goes beyond just using tools to reach out to leads. 

It's essential to ensure relevance throughout the process. One common mistake in outbound sales is overlooking the importance of being relevant to your target audience. 

To achieve this, you can leverage social media platforms like LinkedIn. By posting high-quality, relevant content and growing your network, you can quickly establish relationships and build credibility.

Tools like Trumpet can be instrumental in streamlining your sales engagement process. 

Trumpet allows you to standardize various aspects, such as onboarding new hires, creating mutual action plans, and facilitating collaboration. 

Statistics show that 77% of people who book a demo have already done their due diligence on your website and social media presence. 

Stan emphasizes the importance of having well-optimized tools, properly timed email triggers, and a strong online presence. 

These factors contribute to building credibility and shaping customers' expectations even before they interact with you directly.

Final Thoughts

Stan finds ways to foster creativity and gain new perspectives. Stan enjoys playing soccer with friends, spending quality time with family, and engaging in activities like walking and traveling. 

These experiences inspire and help me recharge, leading to greater focus and innovation when he gets back to the grind, and he believes that striking a balance between work and play is crucial. 

Looking ahead, Stan envisions himself continuing to lead by example and inspiring his team. He aspires to expand the team and become more involved in managing and guiding sales initiatives. 

VezaTalks aims to offer valuable insights and inspiration to help you navigate both the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship. Watch the Podcast now!

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