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Andres Glusman

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Andres Glusman is a remarkable individual who excels in various domains, wearing multiple hats as a father, scientist, optimist, lean startup pioneer, and avid surfer.

Throughout his journey, he has made notable contributions to the entrepreneurial landscape, leaving a lasting impact through his involvement with Meetup and his current venture, Do What Works.

As the co-founder and CEO of Do What Works, Andres has focused on providing insightful results through split testing for some of the world's top 1,692 companies.

His experiences at Meetup, where he played pivotal roles in community product strategy and growth, have shaped his expertise in driving growth and running experiments.

Exploring the Journey of Andres 

During his conversation with Mario, Andres shared his entrepreneurial journey, starting from his college days, where he combined his fascination with economics and psychology to create a formal major in behavioral economics.

After a brief stint at Boeing, he entered the world of online advertising, working at Eye Traffic, the first online marketing agency.

These experiences ignited his passion for entrepreneurship in the online space and understanding human behavior.

Andres's involvement with Meetup, from consulting in its early stages to eventually joining the company full-time, allowed him to make significant contributions to its success.

He acknowledges the challenges faced by in-person-focused companies during times of quarantine and social distancing.

However, he firmly believes that there will be a resurgence in demand for in-person small group gatherings in the future, which presents promising opportunities for Meetup.

Do What Works

With Do What Works, Andres and his team aim to simplify the experimentation process and increase success rates for businesses.

By leveraging data from various companies and verticals, they enable clients to learn from their direct competitors and similar businesses facing similar challenges. 

Their collaborative approach unlocks valuable insights and drives better results.

Do What Works is also leveraging AI to enhance its platform's capabilities. 

By generating dynamic headlines for search engine marketing ads based on winning and losing variants from past experiments, companies can optimize their ad campaigns more efficiently and effectively.

Andres's journey showcases the power of curiosity, adaptability, and a deep understanding of human behavior in the entrepreneurial world. 

His experiences and expertise continue to shape the work of Do What Works, providing valuable insights for leaders and businesses worldwide.

As Mario and Andres discuss the potential of face-to-face meetings, the challenges of running experiments, and the future of AI, their conversation highlights the transformative power of technology and the immense opportunities it presents.

Do What Works is now scaling up its products for optimizing landing pages and ad copy using AI and their extensive data.

Final Thoughts

With these groundbreaking offerings, Andres and his teams focus is now set on expanding our marketing efforts, enhancing distribution channels, and embarking on a relentless pursuit of success. 

Andres is ready and knows It's time to unleash our full potential and propel forward with unwavering determination.

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